Travel Blogs-Santa’s Village (short version)

Today We bring you to  Santa’s home

Today Santa Claus Village is a must travel destination in Rovaniemi (Finland). Each year, the destination attracts more and more visitors (90.000 visitors a year during their stay in Lapland) who are provided an ever-growing number of services.

Santa’s village in Rovaniemi
Santa’s village Webcam

The Arctic Circle at 66°33′45.9″ north of the Equator.

It is the southernmost latitude where the sun can stay continuously for 24 hours – this phenomenon is known as the Midnight Sun in the summer and the Polar Night in the winter.

Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick,  or simply Santa, is a fantasy character.

To naughty children Santa will bring coal to the good ones will bring presents. The elves help him making the toys in his workshop at the North Pole and the flying reindeers will pull his sleigh through the air around the world.

Unfortunately we don’t have Partners there.

In which list are you?

See you for the next city, bring your luggage …

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