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Today We bring you to  Cologne

Most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth-most populous city in the Nation, Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium, usually shortened to Colonia Agrippina is the largest city of Germany.

Bonn – 35 km, Düsseldorf – 45 km, Aquisgrana – 75 km, Dortmund – 95 km, Coblenza – 120 km,
Münster – 150 km, Francoforte – 190 km

Heinzelmännchenbrunnen- inspired by Snow-white’s Tale other legend is that The fountain celebrates the story of the gnomes who did all the work at night so that the people of Cologne could laze during the day.

The city of Cologne was completely destroyed during World War II. The reconstruction of the city followed the style of the 1950s, while respecting the old layout and naming of the streets. Thus, the city today is characterized by simple and modest post-war buildings, with a few interspersed pre-war buildings which were reconstructed due to their historical importance.

Cologne Cathedral & Ludwig Museum (two different architecture’s style)

Cologne Cathedral is currently the tallest (157 m -515 ft).

Twin-spired church in the world, the second tallest church in Europe after Ulm Minster, and the third tallest church in the world.

Construction of the Cathedral began in 1248 but was halted in the years around 1560, unfinished. Work did not restart until the 1840s, and the edifice was completed to its original Medieval plan in 1880.

Internally, the medieval choir is more varied and less mechanical in its details than the 19th-century building. It presents a French style arrangement of very tall arcade, a delicate narrow triforium gallery lit by windows and with detailed tracery merging with that of the windows above.

Visitors can climb 533 stone steps of the spiral staircase to a viewing platform about 100 m (330 ft) above the ground. The platform gives a scenic view over the Rhine.

Hohenzollern Bridge  known even for be one of then Love locker bridge in Europe

Cologne also became an important center of medieval pilgrimage because the relics of the Three Wise Men were kept at the Cologne Cathedral in a golden casket. Other relics include those of Saint Ursula and Albertus Magnus.

Koln Dom

Famous  event in Cologne is the Carnival one of the largest street festivals in Europe. In Cologne, the carnival season officially starts on 11 November at 11 minutes past 11 a.m. with the proclamation of the new Carnival Season, and continues until Ash Wednesday. However, the so-called “Tolle Tage” (crazy days).

Zülpicher Strasse and its surroundings, Neumarkt square, Heumarkt and all bars and pubs in the city are crowded with people in costumes dancing and drinking in the streets. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Cologne during this time. Generally, around a million people celebrate in the streets on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday.

Cologne coat of arms

Typical costumes in addition to normal carnival clothes are the clowns in red and white that reflect the coat of arms of the city.

KÖLNER RATHAUS (City Hall) is a historical building in Cologne; located off Hohe Straße in the district of Innenstadt, and set between the two squares of Rathausplatz and Alter Markt. It houses part of the city government, including the city council and offices of the Lord Mayor.

The tower is featured by several figures representing high municipal members.

Nothing special ..right?

If you see close one of the figure shows his “back side “.

During the visit of the town why not cool down with a Kölsch beer,

It’s a light beer filtered from the bottom to the top, it is mostly served in 0.2 L glasses to not lose the taste.

Usually waiters will serve to you glasses not stop and keep counting on the drink’s coaster.

To stop that, just put a coaster on top of the glass.

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See you for the next city, bring your luggage …

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