Arbedjsglæde – More than Happiness at Work

Happiness comes in ripples and waves. If we were all asked, what is happiness to you or what makes you happy… I am sure we would all have different versions of what happiness means to each of us. For some it will be family, for others your work, your pets, something that you believe in or are passionate about… the list could be endless.

Arbedjsglæde (Ah-bites-gleh-the) meaning happiness at work and is a very common word in Denmark and I am sure my Danish friends and colleagues will agree with me. It is happiness that we derive from ‘doing’ something and a sense of wellbeing that comes when we feel good about the work we do.

September 21st to September 27th marks International Week of Happiness at Work.  

Well, I personally believe that Happiness should not just be confined to a day or even just a week… we should all be in the pursuit of happiness in whatever way we can and do our best to spread the happiness bug to everyone… so be amazing, be inspiring, be happy and spread happiness wherever and whatever little way you can.

Happiness is contagious, so if you’re happy, tell someone! If someone else is happy, listen to them! I am no expert on the subject, but I am told by many that I generally seem like a happy person – is it my smile, is it my personality or perhaps my outlook of always trying to look at the positive side of things rather than focusing on the negatives or shortfalls….its possibly a mix of different things together.

Not so long ago, I was recommended to check out this site Action for Happiness, and I am so glad that I did!. Thank you Dan, for this wonderful recommendation 😊

Sometimes it’s small little actions that make you feel happier in your personal and your work life. Many of you would already know this, but for the rest of you here I am passing this on with tips on Living the GREAT DREAM to being a happier you.

Check out the  10 days of Happiness free online program to help you boost your wellbeing and help you look at smaller things which will make you realise on all those little things that make you a Happier You 😊 Lia, your digital coach will take you through different activities each day helping you focus on positives.

And if you still want more, then go on and take a look at the monthly calendars

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

Happiness is all about being happy and doing what makes you and others feel this way and here are some top tips and every small little thing counts

  • Start off by thinking about what makes you happy and do something nice for yourself. After all, they say that happiness starts at home and within you, and this is certainly the case! You cannot make other people feel happy if you do not feel happy yourself.
  • Make other people feel happy – sometimes it’s just a Thank you, or a well done that makes a difference.
  • There are small things that you can do for people that are going to make them feel just as happy and amazing.
  • Read happy and positive news
  • Watch a movie that makes you feel happy… loony toons always does the trick for me when I am a bit down.
  • Spend time with people that make you happy – even if for now it means spending some time on a video call
  • For some it may be a few minutes of meditation to make you feel positive and happy

And there are much more ways, but what’s important is find what works for you to reinforce the happiness quotient in your life

So, what is happiness at work for me? Hands down it’s being part of an amazing team that works towards creating an amazing work culture. I take pride and joy in being part of a company where we focus on  ‘’Inspiring People to Live Life Responsibly’’ and ‘’Delivering Happiness, Amazing People’’ where our wellbeing is at the forefront.

So what makes you happy?….. go on and share it with all in the comment section below.

Stay Happy, Stay Safe 🙂

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