Travel Blogs – Delphi, Greece

This week we are taking you away to the breath-taking mountains and one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece if not the world… A land of mythology and a journey to the centre of the world, its none other than Delphi. So, read on and as they say in Greek Kaló taxídi se ólous

Well well… here I go indulging my self with a place that’s also related to my name 😊

A day’s road trip from Athens to Delphi will uncover some of the most stunning views that nature has to offer. Located at the foot of Mount Parnassus, Delphi is home to the temple that is dedicated to Apollo, the Sun God.

A good Greek breakfast of fresh baked bread, yogurt and fruit will set you up for your long drive that takes you approximately about 3 hours from Athens to Greece. You may need more especially due to the many stops that you may want to take to have some great picturesque shots.

On route is Livadia, a small town that has a quaint rustic charm and is home to some beautiful springs and waterfalls that runs under bridges in the heart of the city. There are small Taverna’s where you can go in for a quick bite and sample some of the local delicacies. The town centre also has many shops from where you can get some beautiful Greek souvenirs specially made of olive wood.

Approximately another half hour drive will take you to the foothills of Delphi. On route you will be able to see beautiful sun kissed mountains that are in shades of purple. The mountains are rich in bauxite which gives it its unique colour.

The trek uphill visiting the site and the many ruins will certainly give you a pretty good work out.

Behind the beautiful place, lies the mythology which is also important to know to appreciate the beauty of the place even more. According to ancient Greece, Dephi is considered the navel or the centre of the world. Well, legend has it that Zeus sent two eagles from east and west parts of the world and they crossed paths at Delphi and hence it came to be the place known as the navel of the world and had become a religious sanctuary to Apollo.

Delphi is known not just for its beautiful mountains and the temple of Apollo but also it was famous for the Oracle of Delphi and home to priestess Pythia known for her wisdom. Many would consult her before undertaking anything of importance, it is believed that the priestess made predictions about major events like the Argonaut expedition and the Trojan War that had a significance in shaping the Greek history. The prophecies of the oracle were believed to be a result of a euphoric state that came about because of the natural gasses that used to seep through from below the surface of the earth.

Archaeological site at Delphi

Also famous for the Pythian Games which was considered the second most important games after the Olympics.

The site around Delphi was buried in the early 1800’s due to the rise of Christianity and it was not until 1880 where it was discovered again by French archaeologists. The ruins that you see in present day are from 6th century BC although it is believed that there was a settlement from the Bronze Age (1500-1100 BC)

A view from the hilltop

If your still up for a further trek, a visit to the amphitheatre that is located at the highest point on the mountains were the Pythia games were held is a must see. The stadium is well maintained and most of it is very much intact even today.

If you love Greek mythology and history, then Delphi is certainly a place to be visited… stay on and we will take you away to a different destination in the next travel blog….


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