The A-Z of Lockdown – Looking at the Positive Side

I always find myself looking at the positive side of things no matter what and I guess it is this approach that has helped me immensely over the years specially to strengthen my mental wellbeing, so here I am today with looking at the positive side of lockdown the A-Z way, yes all 26 of them in there….

A: Appreciation for the smaller things in life that we would have otherwise taken for granted

B: the importance of taking Breaks while working from home

C: Caring for our loved ones, unearthing the creative side that we all have

D: ticking off those DIY projects that we perhaps have said ‘someday’ when I have the time (hopefully not getting DIY done during working hours 😊)

E: taking Every Day one step at a time.

F: Family & Friends, all our attempts to make isolation Fun

G: Grateful for everything, Remember the Three Gratitude’s everyone 😊?  

H: for Home, and in general Hat’s off to everyone  

I: Inspiring others and being inspired  

J: Just because

K: remembering to be Kind not just to others but to ourselves too

L: the Lockdown that would go down in history, Looking out for each other – family, friends, managers, colleagues, teammates and the list goes on…

M: carving out ‘Me’ time, it is so important to take time for yourself

N: NHS and our other amazing heroes, oh and trying our best to ‘Not step on our partners toes

O: thinking Outside the box

P: Personal Growth & Development

Q: for all the queuing that we had to do and continue to in front of shops & supermarkets

R: being resourceful in every possible way that we can

S: for all the self-control  

T: the feeling of Togetherness

U: for just being understanding

V: to everything Virtual – all the virtual meet up’s, virtual places visited (oh, I’ve even climbed Kilimanjaro – Virtually LOL)

W: adjusting to Working from Home, Work-life balance, Wellbeing

X: for all the ‘o’ and ‘x’ (noughts and crosses) games and other x-citing things that we have had to come up with.

Y: for just being yourself

Z: for the additional Zzzzzz time 😊

I am sure many of you would agree with me on these positive A-Z’s that we have had during the lockdown but would also have your own… so what are your A-Z positives from the lockdown?

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