The Smart Cookie in You!

Hmmm…. Wondering what the post title is about?

Today is Biscuit Day, and I for one love baking… so here I am taking you away on a little journey down history lane of how our much-loved biscuits came about

Biscuits are not a modern-day invention but were rather born out of necessity in ancient times going back to the eras of the Roman, Greek and Egyptian empires when they often had to spend weeks at sea making their way to lads ashore. This being the case, fresh food was not an option for them and hence they needed to come up with ways to provide them with calories through their journey. So, Captains stocked their larders with dried food which led to the birth of ‘Biscuit’

Biscuits arrived in Europe around the end of the tenth century. Legend has it that an Armenian monk travelled from central Asia to France and passed on a recipe he had learned in the Caucuses. The main flavour at the time was ginger. Oh, don’t we all still love a ginger biscuit to go with a cuppa.

As you might imagine, celebrating Biscuit Day is a lot of fun. It is your yearly excuse to eat as many biscuits as you like – and to do a spot of baking. 

So, to all the Smart cookies out there, grab a cuppa and enjoy whatever biscuit you have at hand with your family or even get baking some together. Or for some fun, try a biscuit name challenge or even biscuit charades (now I just made that up!)

Biscuit Day offers the perfect chance to go crackers about one of the world’s most popular snacks but with the weekend just around the corner, don’t leave all the celebrations with biscuits for today, take them on into the weekend and have some fun either enjoying a store bought one or perhaps even baking with your loved ones at home.

I go through phases of biscuits that I like, but my all-time favourite has to be my simple homemade sugar snap biscuit 😊 So what’s your favourite biscuit?

Want to know the recipe for a home-made sugar snap biscuit? Get baking with this recipe 👇

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