This Picture speaks 11 Words!

The picture says it all. Switching off at the end of a day especially when it’s time for your weekend to begin is very important but many of us tend to ignore this.  

With the lock down and all of us working from home, it gets more difficult to switch off and have that balance between work time and me/family time and I am sure many of you would agree with me that even after two hours of switching off from your computers, mentally we are still switched on. Finding the right balance and embracing your downtime more so when the weekend is just around the corner is extremely important

Try some of the below tips after you have finished work for the day.

Relax no matter what! Meditating, listening to calm music or taking a few deep breaths has had proven results in relaxing the mind but at the end of the day do what works best for you. If Meditation or soft music is not your cup of tea and it’s rather a hard run, Zumba or even some grunge rock that is your style to wind down then so be it.

Have a cup of green or herbal tea – Having a warm cup with an herbal tea of your choice can be a relaxing ritual.

Spend time with your family – Aren’t we are lucky to have more time now with our family and loved ones. As much as it can be hard sharing the same space 24/7 many of us have the opportunity to do so much more together with our loved ones even if it’s just home-based activities. The important thing is we are getting to spend more time with those around us. So, come up with creative ways to do more together even if it means getting the colouring books out, storytelling, getting the board games out or creating a game of snakes and ladders on paper if you don’t have one.  

Indulge in a hobby – Focusing on something creative and specially something that makes you feel happy about will help you to unwind.

And to let you in on an insiders secret – In Kerala where I come from, it’s common for us to pour some cold water down the back of the neck as this not only helps to relax the spine after sitting, standing, being out and about through the day but helps to create a sense of well being helping you to relax and unwind. Try wrapping a face towel dipped in cold water around the nape of your neck – cold water triggers a flood of mood boosters, which will leave you feeling relaxed, happy and energetic.

These are not just for the weekend alone but can be brought in to your daily routine too. Have a lovey weekend everyone 😊

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