A Fun Filled Weekend!

Weekends during the lock down don’t have to be boring, do something special, do something different over the weekend, here are a few ideas on how to enjoy your weekend and make isolation fun for yourself and your family.

Plan a Picnic – You don’t have to miss out on the picnic weekends, Bring some fun into your own backyard garden, balcony, or even if it’s your living room. Grab a basket or even just a tray and put together some sandwiches, fruit, crisps, lemonade or whatever you fancy. Spread some towels which ever part of the house you plan to hold the picnic, set your background with some music, board games etc and enjoy your at home Picnic.

Go Camping indoors Create a makeshift camping experience at home, use bed sheets and blankets to set up tents, put out the lights and have a candle or even your phone torch, put on some do some storytelling and have grilled hot dogs. Play some background campfire sounds to give it that extra special feel.

Plan a treasure huntKids and grown up’s both love a treasure hunt. Map out your treasure hunt path on a piece of paper, drop some clues and get the treasure hunt going.

Host a home tournament – Noughts and Crosses (tic-tac-toe), Word Jumble Race, and other classics can be easily played with a pencil and some paper.

Have your very own Come Dine with Me weekend special – Invite your friends to join you virtually for your very own come dine with me, go all out with a themed virtual dinner party, cook your meal – show your virtual guests what you have prepared for the meal and let them score you. You can do this in turns and whoever gets the highest scores becomes the winner and you get to share recipes too.

Escape to Kew Gardens while staying indoors – Visit the tropical gardens or a trip to the rain forest or watch busy bees at Kew Gardens

See a Virtually streamed concert#Royalalberthome hall presents virtual programs. NPR music has a list of live audio and video streams from around the world. Some may require a registration or subscription, but most will be free.

Take a trip to Edinburgh Zoo – See Rockhopper penguins or even Yang Guang, the very cute Panda who loves honey and midnight snacks. Or peek into Dharma, the Sumatran tiger’s world and she may pop by to say hello. Visit Edinburgh Zoo

Visit the Museum – Dive into a virtual self-guided tour at the National History Museum

Missing your holiday travel plans, fly away with a virtual tour – Travel to some of the world’s natural wonders from your couch. Experience some of the places via an interactive map and 360-degree images.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, stay indoors, stay safe but have loads of fun.


    • Thank you so much Dan.
      This was partially inspired by the fun that we had for Friday Beers & Bingo and last friday we had a quiz & treasure hunt that HR organised which those who attended loved and hence the thought of sharing ideas for the fun to continue into the weekend 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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