Everyone Needs a Little ‘Pick Me Up’

This billboard message has been doing the rounds on twitter, LI and other social media platforms. A very powerful and positive message, isn’t it?  

The message itself brings a feeling of happiness and hope at a time when many of us are going through various emotions where certain days we are full of energy and enjoying the little things that we previously took for granted while there are certain other days we feel exhausted, emotional, perhaps feel like crying, badly in need of a pick me up and wonder if it is just you having the feeling or are there other too. Trust me, it’s happening to all of us.

I am usually the kind of person who tries to focus on the positive side rather than the negatives and this helps me keep my energy levels going but I have bad days too. Earlier this week, I was feeling really low and almost in tears – But someone noticed this and give me that little pick up that I needed. It was none other than my manager (and a tiny little bit of Tom and Jerry on the side) that did the trick for me.

My Manager and I have daily video catch up’s. We had a very quick catch up that day, but I think she noticed that I was feeling low! I was so happy to see her message to me at 9.30 pm that day, with this very same picture (that was my first time seeing this pic) with a message that Good Days will come and reminded me that I pick her up when she has bad days and was so sorry that she did not have more time for me on a day when I was so low.

Carol Smith – This post is for you. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful manager and for being there to pick me up on a day when I needed it so badly.

To all the other managers in our team and out thereYou are all doing such an amazing job in keeping your teams connected and motivated when everything is virtual right now and making sure that everyone in your team is doing ok.

And to all of you, remember our managers need us too – don’t call them or message them just when you need to clarify regarding some work, don’t forget to check in with your manager as well from time to time to make sure they are doing ok.

Stay connected, stay positive and be that little ‘pick me up’ when either someone in your team, your manager, your colleagues, your friends at work, whoever it may be needs you.


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