Learning never exhausts the mind!

There isn’t a better time to look at personal development. So, here’s another learning perk from perkbox.

Magpie through Perkbox covers a range of playlists & courses that you can view at any time. The playlists recommended to you will be based on your role and the industry you work in. You can also have access to the full site that has a guide for various categories – Take a look at Perkbox’s guide to working form home, to more detailed courses in communication, leadership, to building your self-confidence.

Just answer three simple questions related to your current role and enjoy personalised learning recommendations

Make use this free platform through your perkbox account and sign up for the free perk. Your discount link will be delivered instantly, so you can start your course straight away!

For other learning offers and perks, do check out the previous blog

Happy learning, can’t wait to hear from all of you on all the courses that you have taken up.

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