A Fun Learning Perk!

If you already been through your To Do Lists, watched more Netflix than ever before and you are running out of ideas of what to do during the lockdown, give a go at learning a new skill and make the most of this time to develop yourself further.

Dedicate some of your time to learning a new language or just picking up the dictionary and improving your vocabulary of words. Or for a bigger challenge may be even get a Diploma in 4 weeks?

Shaw Academy through Perkbox covers a range of courses that you can choose from. Be it Photography, Photoshop, Nutrition, Digital Marketing to even mastering the skill of Image editing and taking your illustrator skills to the next level or perhaps even learning to play the Guitar… well you will need to have your own guitar though 😉. The best part is you get a Diploma in any of the courses you choose!

Make use of a free 4-week online course through your perkbox account and sign up for the free perk. Your discount link will be delivered instantly, so you can start your course straight away!

Now this gives me one more reason to take my passion for photography to another level… so Photoshop here I come. What new skill are you going to take up?

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