Taking the edge off Social Distancing with Virtual Coffee Breaks

The Center - Virtual Coffee Meet-up

If you are free, fancy a break from what you are doing or just need “that important meeting to attend” to get a break from the kids or your partners – please come along, have a chat and keep in touch with your friends and colleagues at work – just like we would in the office.

Katie has already set this up via MS TEAMS and has shared the calendar invite with all of you. The virtual breaks will happen every week day between 11 am & 11.30 am. So grab a cuppa of coffee or tea or anything else that you fancy (I know what your thinking…No its not beer o’clock time 😉) and join in for these informal catch up’s.

We have already had a few of these virtual coffee breaks with a cross section of the team joining from different teams. We would love to hear how your coping up with working from home – what do you find the most challenging / surprising and of course the best bits with all the fun stories.

Remember to give yourself breaks just the way you would when working at the office and come join in when you can…. see you all soon.

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