Coping with WFH – Share your story!!!

It’s been couple of weeks now for all of us working from home and coping with the sudden change due to COVID-19.

Stories share experiences. We would love to hear your story and ways that you are coming up with to help you get through this sudden change.

It’s important for us to stay connected as a team, have fun and support each other effortlessly. Share your stories, ways you are staying motivated, keeping fit, your general day to day home office life, tips for home schooling, top tips for home entertainment to some fun stories of your new assistants that have joined along the way, pets at home, partner humour or noisy neighbours.  Pics are always welcome too and will be a sight for sore eyes!  😊

Remember, we are all in this together… your story will help many in the team feel less alone in these challenging times.

Group has also set up a page on LinkedIn for all of us to share our home working stories – join in and share your story too here

Got a wfh 🏡 story to share with us on the blog? we would love to hear it and you can send them to us at or or let us know and we will add you as a contributor to the blog.

Stay Indoors, Stay Safe, Stay Connected and Stay Happy 😊

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