WFH – Top Tips for your Well-being

We have put together some tips to help you with your Well being while working from home.

1. Start your day with that ‘Feel Good’ feeling undefined

Get into a daily routine – well you can shake it off every now and then (no brownie points lost)

Write down ‘three gratitude’s’ for the day – Someone recently told me about this, I have missed a few days, and there are days when I have forgotten to do it as my first thing for the day. But I have kept at it for a few weeks now and trust me it has helped me look at every small little thing in my life from a different perspective.

Think or List down at least one thing a day that you cannot be without and what you would do differently if you did not have access to this one thing that you need daily

Make a realistic To-Do list – Have a work To-do list to help you get organised and possibly a home to do list and try as much as possible to stick to ticking off your daily list but do not get over whelmed if you are  not able to tick everything off

2. Create a desk / home working spaceundefined

For many of us it could be working from our living rooms, kitchen work tops and having to adjust with other members of the house hold working from home as well. So its important that you make sure that you are working in a comfortable space with as little distractions as possible. Make sure that you are connected to all the systems and resources that you need

3. Out of sight should not be out of mind undefined

Stay connected with your managers, your team mates, your colleagues and your HR. Use MS teams to – coordinate your work, book in your 1-1’s, put that personal presence in with Teams video, have a quick chat with your colleagues while you take breaks.

4. Use Social Media to stay in touch undefined

Social distancing is now our reality but you can always use social media to stay in touch. Use the social media platform to stay connected – with family, friends or whoever… perhaps a chance to even get back in touch with those friends that you get to hear from when its just Christmas or New year’s

Find online communities to promote worthwhile causes – perhaps one of those helping the vulnerable during this outbreak

5. Pamper your self and prioritise your well-being undefined

Stay up to date on all the health updates from the Government and follow them strictly, Get that daily beauty regime going. Practice mindfulness, meditation or give one of those crazy peacock yoga postures a go

6. Read a book (or even five) undefined

Throw yourself into a good read – pick up one of those books that you bought possibly ages ago and then got thrown into a pile. A lot of libraries now have access to online reading material and books – so check your local library out. Check kindle unlimited or ‘Audible’ for audio books. Or even pick up the dictionary and learn one new word a day, use it in a sentence

Reading is considered very therapeutic, reading for as little as 6 minutes a day can stress levels by a whopping 60%

7. Self Development -We have all been there and have said that – I just don’t have the time, 24 hours in a day isn’t enough.

Make use of this time to ‘up’ your self development skills – learn a new language, enhance your excel skills or perhaps even topics that may help you with your day to day work. You Tube, Ted Talks etc have great learning videos and content for you to watch and develop yourself further. Check out free training videos on Udemy.

If numbers is not your thing, but have always been fascinated by it, then try simple sudoku – trust me its great !!! Or have some fun training yourself and your brain with some online chess or some speed maths.. (and for those of you who love numbers challenge your self even more 😊

8. Get creative

If there is a creative hobby that you have not been at for some years, then now is the right time to nurture the creative side in you. Learn a new skill or share a skill with your colleagues and social group. Check out YouTube for interesting videos and vlogs on DIY projects around the home

9. Tidy Fridays or give your room a make over – Go on give it a try and you will feel satisfied and fulfilled….

Give both your new WFH space and your room a make over too. 20 minutes of a good clean up will help you burn 50 calories — that’s one more way to keep fit

10. Train those vocal chords -Belt out some great musical notes


Look up ‘sofa singers’ – it’s a sing along organised choir. Studies show that singing helps improve breathing and your mental well being

11. Dance like never before – Turn up that music and just let the music and your feet take you away


When your bored like there’s no end then its time to dance. For many of us it’s two left feet when it comes to dancing, but who cares…. 20 minutes of dancing around not only boosts your mood but will also squeeze in a bit of cardio and exercise without you having to leave the house

12. Make use of existing resources that you have access to – Log into Perkbox and make use of

24/7 EAP – if you feel the need to talk to someone in confidence, Bring the gym home with Free online yoga classes from BOXX, Discounts for home cooking kits & meal plans, Get a case of free beers  and that’s beer Fridays sorted

13. Speaking about how you feel is more important than ever now, so if you feel the need to have a chat then

Speak to your Line Manager, Your Head of Department, or any one of us in HR, 24/7 EAP through perkbox, Or even make use of counselling through Vitality health – for all Vitality members

14. Missing your daily work out and gym?


Get your travel bags out, fill them with things from around your house and use your bags as weights. Use stairs either at your home or at the building you live in as a stepper. Lie on your back and cycle away in the air

15. Be Positive and look towards the future -If you don’t already have a ‘desired’ list then now’s the time to create one.


Now for the most important bit – Stay well, stay safe, stay happy… Remember that we are all in this together and this is just a temporary phase and this time will pass 😊

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