It’s Not a Manic Monday!

It’s a new week with new goals to look forward to – What are your goals this week?

To share mine, this week was to be a very relaxing one as I have a pre-booked holiday in and had enrolled myself in an Acrylic Pouring art class, having fun with paints and friends.

With all non-essentials closed and social distancing our new ‘temporary’ reality, I decided that I would still go ahead and pamper the creative side in me…Turning (at least trying to) stuff around my home which has over the months and years not seen the outside of the carton box since our last move into something beautiful!!! Now I wonder how that’s going to turn out…. not going to be relaxing but certainly uplifting 😊. 

Do not let time get the better of you, rather use this time to your advantage be it setting work priorities, skills for personal & career development, or even if it’s just something for fun indoors. Post what you plan to do in the comments section below.

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