Cannot Get to the Gym? Then Bring the Gym Home…

I personally know how tough it can be to pull yourself off the couch at this time but staying healthy physically, emotionally and mentally is more important now than ever.

Many of us at this point in time could in fact be trying to find ways to make use of resources that we have at hand and within our households to see that our fitness regimes do not go down the drain…

If your missing the gym, then let’s get the Gym to you for FREE !! It’s just a click away with Boxx where you would have full access to their online work out platform.

Whatever your fitness style – be it boxing, HITT, Cardio, Strength training or Yoga… you have got it all covered with classes led by top UK trainers to expert nutritionists.

You can simply access all of this through your perkbox account and sign up to the Boxx website, or even download the mobile app.

Now isn’t that an easy way to bring the gym home? No excuses, right? ….  So, go on sign up and share your gym from home stories and pics by sending them to us at and don’t forget to post your comments too.

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