Top tips for remote/home working from Kirsty Morgan

Kirsty Morgan who is our Product Marketing Manager and one of our permanent wfh’ers has shared her ‘working from home’ tips. Here’s what Kirsty has to say.

Stick to your usual working hours. It’s very easy to work late or over weekends since your laptop is handy, but keeping to regular hours will ensure a better work/life balance and keep things as normal as possible

Keep a TO-DO list – I keep a list of what I need to do (Microsoft To Do is great, as I hate wasting paper with to-do lists, and it’s very satisfying to tick things off it!), otherwise it’s easy to get off track or wonder what you’ve done all day, plus this keeps me constantly busy which is important otherwise I’d start clock-watching and quickly get bored.

Take breaks. Get outside if you can, either into the garden/on the balcony if you have one, or for your daily exercise excursion – the weather’s lovely and there’s less annoying people outside than usual

Stay hydrated and try not to snack too much

Keep in touch. With MS TEAMS there’s no excuse not to keep up with your teammates. Or if you were ready for a break from them anyway, reach out to someone in another department and start something special

Enjoy the perks! The office is lovely, but isn’t it nice not having to commute, a lanyard round your neck, playing your own choice of music (ambient, of course), no more dirty mugs in the sink and having a good supply of teaspoons?

Be nice to your new co-workers (partners, kids, pets etc). They’re not used to your charming company 24/7 so be respectful of space and make time to do something fun together

Coda hates being interrupted when he’s working hard…

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